Paul Robeson in Spain

By BenResLife 03 Jan 2017

Film Screening + Discussion curated by local historian Dominique Tessier
Organised by Humanities + Social Science Research (MMU)
"No one who was in Spain during the months when people who believed in the revolution will ever forget that strange + moving experience. It has left something behind that no dictatorship, not even Franco's will be able to efface." George Orwell as quoted by People's History Museum (Communists in the People's War, 1st Floor)

When Franco launched its infamous (1490s style) crusade Othello* saw red. Armed with cameras, pen, paper + his signature song Ol'Man River, song from the Broadway musical Show Boat, he made his way (via Manchester) to the Spanish battlefields.

Last in the series of film events showcasing Manchester's Spirit of Friendship, PR IN SPAIN will explore both the evolution of Paul Robeson's Working Class Consciousness in Manchester + his role as (glocal) historian of the Spanish Civil War. Through its focus on the use of "Art as a weapon for freedom" PR IN SPAIN also aims to advocate the inclusion of art histories in the curriculum.
PR IN SPAIN aims through its focus on the use of "Art [by PR] as a weapon for freedom" to advocate the inclusion of art histories in the curriculum.

Free tickets can be booked here.

For more information, please contact:

Lucy Simpson Tel: 0161 247 6740 Email: lucy.simpson@mmu.ac.uk

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