Paul Robeson in China

By BenResLife 03 Jan 2017

PR IN CHINA will look the (mis)representations of Chinese people in theatre (inc. Yellow Face Theatre) + films from a local perspective - using Paul Robeson's learning journey + identity quest as starting point.

Robeson writes " and as I plunged, with excited interest, into my studies of Africa at the London School of Oriental Languages, I came to see that African culture was indeed the treasure-store for the world. (...) I came to learn of the remarkable kinship between African + Chinese culture (of which I hope to write at length some day)".

On Thursday 16th February between 12pm - 3pm at The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, 13 Thomas St, Manchester

Free tickets available here.  

For more information, please contact:

Lucy Simpson

Tel: 0161 247 6740 Email: lucy.simpson@mmu.ac.uk


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