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NUS Delegate Elections

By MariaRA 10 Nov 2017

Hi, My name is Maria. I want to be your NUS Delegate. 

What's the NUS ?

The National Union of Students, or NUS, is a national association of students' unions that represents about seven million students across the UK from 600 educational institutions. Founded in 1922, the NUS exists to give a national voice to students from across the UK, and today the vast majority of university students' unions (and their members) belong to it. It is a democratic organisation that lets students elect representatives and leaders every year to make decisions on their behalf and represent them at a national level, just like The Union does for the student community at Manchester Met.

What's an NUS Delegate?

 Every year, The Union elects eight people to attend NUS National Conference. This is an action-packed, three-day event that sees 1,000 representatives from across the student union movement come together to elect NUS' UK-wide leadership (including the NUS UK President and other paid, full-time officers) and vote on policy proposals. By voting for a candidate whose views and values on national student issues reflect yours, you contribute to an important national conversation about students rights and help to shape the work of NUS.

Who am I?

  • Politics representative at the Societies Council of the Student Union at MMU.
  • Debating Society Social Secretary (2 years)
  • Residential Advisor at MMU Halls of Residence.
  • 2nd year PR and Marketing Student, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Why Do I want to be your delegate?

Short story... because I hate feeling powerless. 

I am a really talkative person, but I am also a great listener (Be what you want others to be) And a great deal of being a student is to find the flaws in the system that charges us so much.  And I listen, and I see, and I want to make a change; I want these problems to stop being problems.

I always say, once you acknowledge there is a problem, you can find a solution. And this is mine.

Why should you elect me?

  • As a Member of the Societies Council and as Residential Advisor I hear first-hand all the issues, wants and needs of the Societies at MMU and most first year students at accommodation.
  • I will do my best to represent what you want. I will take the Societies Council mission and make it our own in the NUS conference. To be the megaphone of the student voice.
  • I have a different background; I come from a country with free education, no xenophobic rhetoric, no racism. I understand the difference between privilege and rights.
  • I am a positive person, but also a realist. I will do my best to represent the student voice whilst being objective.
  • I am a passionate and enthusiastic person. I will give this delegacy my 100%.

What do I stand for?

  • Free Education -  I come from a country with free education, and although it is not always as glamorous as most UK universities, I believe students should have that option.I believe that Education is not a commodity and should be free.
  •  Fight Against Fees Increase- I will fight against the postgraduate and international students fee increases. 
  • Teaching and Learning comes first- I oppose the marketisation and privatisation of Universities. Instead of quick fixes to campuses, we need more investment on teaching & learning..
  • No to Racism and Sexism - I will vote for NUS teaming up with ethical organisations in the struggle against racism (EDL, BNP) & sexism.
  •  Representing  the International Student's voice

Here is the link to vote: 

And here is the link to see the other candidate's manifestoes!:


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