Let's Get Astrophysical

By BenResLife 08 Feb 2017

The Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Manchester Astronomical Society present:

Building the World’s Largest Telescopes” – Mitch Mickaliger PHD – Jodrell Bank Astrophysics Centre

Mitch Mickaliger graduated from Boston before beginning a PhD with Duncan Lorimer and Maura McLaughlin at West Virginia University very shortly after their discovery of the first Fast Radio Burst. His work at WVU included developing hardware and software to search for transient events in real-time, as well as searching for pulsars and studying their single-pulse emission. At the University of Manchester, he continues to study single pulses from the Crab pulsar, runs a real-time search for Fast Radio Bursts using the Lovell Telescope, and is part of the team designing the Pulsar Search Subelement of the SKA.

Event registration starts at 19:00 event starts at 19:30 in John Dalton Building C0.14


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