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Holly's top tips for festival season

By hollyRA 04 Jul 2018

We are now in festival season meaning lots of places around the country are hosting big music festivals you do not want to miss! Here is a guide on how to stay safe whilst you are there, but more importantly have fun!

Arrive early. 
You may think you can rock up whenever you please, but the reality is the later you arrive, the further from the action you'll be. Festival grounds are huge and everyone wants to be as near to the main stage as they can. If you beat the crowds you will cut travel time, as well as avoid never-ending queues for the facilities on offer.

Don’t get lost. 

Take some time to work out where everything is in case you split from your friends, you will need a 'spot' you can all come back to find each other. The best thing to do is to work out where the nearest 'landmarks' are and pick one.

Festivals aren’t the cleanest sites in the world and on the Sunday, you’ll find the toilets aren’t quite up to the same standards as when you arrived. Make sure to bring some of your own toilet roll and plenty of hand sanitiser. While festival staff will generally supply these, you never know when they might run low. Baby wipes are also a good idea.

Team up.
Remember you all need to stay together as much as possible. If a friend wants to see a singer or band, don't let them go on their own, stick together or form two groups, making sure you have each other's numbers in case they need to get in touch.

While there will be copious amounts of alcohol on offer, it’s important to remember to drink water. Dehydration is easy, especially when you’re out in the sun all day. It’s advisable to keep some water on you at all times and if that’s not possible, make sure to take a break to drink some water every so often to help prevent dehydration.

While festivals are often known for mud and rain, you’re going to see plenty of sun too (hopefully!) so it’s important to remember to bring sunscreen, and apply it. Slather up generously and reapply as needed, every two hours. You can also take aftersun lotion too just in case the sunburn hits you hard.

Don’t freeze.

It may be mid-summer and the sun is blazing but the weather can turn at a moment’s notice. Particularly in the evenings, it can get pretty cold and you can’t simply head inside to warm up. Have a warm jumper at the ready and enough clothes to keep you warm if the temperature starts to dip.

Sensible footwear. 
This covers a couple of issues. First and foremost, you’re going to be on your feet pretty much all day. Uncomfortable shoes are an awful idea; you won’t be having fun when your feet are mashed to pieces. Similarly, those nice shoes aren’t going to survive a weekend of muddy fields and massive crowds. Wellies will be your friend if you don’t want to go home crying over your ruined white trainers.

Have a blast. 
Needless to say, you won’t be short of things to do. Whether you’re at Download, Parklife, Reading and Leeds, Glastonbury or any other one of the seemingly limitless stream of festivals, there is loads of music acts, things to do, food to eat and lots more. 

It’s worth having a bit of a game plan as to what you want to see and do, and coming to an agreement with friends in advance. Don’t over plan though as some of the best moments at a festival are found by accident, so fit in time to explore, see a lesser known band and try something new.


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