Guess who's back?

By DavidRA 27 Oct 2016

Are you a returning student to halls or a postgrad/mature student living in university accommodation? While it can be enjoyable, sometimes you may experience lifestyle clashes with First Year students. You're not alone, as one of our RAs, David, explains...

So we begin with the common experience of moving luggage back into halls and the sound of Fresher's feet across the corridors. It seems just like yesterday when Mum and Dad gave their final hug urging to you visit every weekend.  For some, returning back to halls is a big change and things aren't the same - you have changed and you might see things differently.

The all night parties and nights out from Fresher's may no longer appeal and perhaps the shock of an increased workload is taking its toll. While halls can be a great place to meet people and socialise, sometimes you might feel out of place and... 'old'.

But I have something to tell you that will blow your mind...

However old, however young, however beautiful (however not), being in halls, only you can bring your personality. As a returner, you are the centre of information and opportunities within university - use this to your advantage. There are clubs and societies around campus for everyone, not just first years and there is very little that can't be solved by talking to your flatmates.

If things are really getting out of control, you have a Residential Advisor who will be absolutely amazing at making you feel at home. At the end of the day, you can only be the best version of you so why not approach every day like it's your last.

Really struggling to break the ice? Here's the perfect introduction to use...

Mind Blown. . WHAT IF SOY MIN IS _! ST REGULAR MILK llooll aqua“ IN. it would be speaking spanglish

Told you I'll leave you mind blown.

- David (Residential Advisor)


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DavidRA is Being an undergrad. student I was interested in the term 'perfect graduate' and have put myself on a challenge where I go and speak to and immerse myself with leading companies, societies and people where each article shares with you my new ways of refining and developing myself in my journey. Now this may show a multiplicity of 'Perfect Graduates' but the qualities, skills, capacities and experience shared, I hope can inspire and equip the next cohort of students.
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