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Alcohol: Myths v Truths

By BzAimee 22 Jul 2016

Booze, bevvies, brewskis...

Whatever you want to call it, alcohol is bound to feature at some point in your first few weeks at university. And it's up to you whether you want to have a drink or not.

But do you really know your myths from your facts when it comes to alcohol? 

Myth 1: Vodka has no calories

There’s an old myth that clear spirits have no calories. Whilst they’re definitely less likely to give you a beer belly than say, beer, downing vodka isn’t healthy and won’t do all your hard work at the gym any favours.

Truth: It might have less than other alcohol, but this doesn’t make it less potent!

Myth 2: If you can't remember what happened it must have been a good night

Think it’s impressive getting so drunk you can’t stand up? Ask your flatmates the next day how impressed they were that you were sick on their new shoes. Pace yourself and try drinking water in between drinks to avoid the shame.

Truth: You will have missed out on all the good bits! 

Myth 3: Alcohol makes your night better

The recipe for a great night out always boils down to the people you spend it with. Even the best company can get you through a whole night of cheesy pop songs! You don't have to drink at all if you don't want to. Having a coke or lemonade on a night out is perfectly fine!

Truth: It's all about the people (and the bass).

Myth 4: Being drunk is a valid excuse

Sometimes you might end up doing things out of character (stealing a traffic cone for bedroom decor maybe...) because a drink or two has given you a little bit of 'Dutch courage'. If this happens to be illegal and you get caught, being drunk is not going to wash as an excuse. 

Truth: You'll regret it in the morning...

Myth 5: You’re at your best when you’re drinking

If you’re drinking, you’re not invincible. In fact, you’re more vulnerable. Remember, your reaction times are slower, and you may find yourself in places outside of your comfort zone. Protect yourself by looking out for one another and keeping your drinks with you. 

Truth: You’re possibly at your worst!

Myth 6: Hangovers are the worst thing about drinking

The risks of alcohol can be far worse than a hangover-  a serious injury could mean you wake up in hospital or in the long run liver damage, and cancer are some of the devastating consequences of drinking too heavily. Stop drinking once you feel you’re already drunk- you’ll thank us in the morning.

Truth: There are far more serious problems in the long term.

Myth 7: It’s the takeaway not the alcohol that’s making you put on weight

That’s right, you might wake up regretting eating that takeaway in the back of the taxi but it’s those drinks that can really put on the pounds.

Truth: There are actually more calories in a lager than a slice of pizza!

Myth 8: Getting in the rounds saves you money

Drinking in rounds means you end up buying a variety of drinks for all sorts of prices but it also means you’re keeping up with the fastest drinker, so you could be consuming your units faster than you’d like. 

Truth: It probably costs you more in the long run 

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