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5 top secret study spots

By RARachael 14 Nov 2018

Being in your first year of Uni can mean it's hard to know the best places to get your work done, ESPECIALLY when the library is busy and you get distracted by Netflix or Youtube in your room.

That's why I'm here to give you my top 5 go-to study places around Manchester to get your work done and not worry about not getting a seat!

1. The Union - 3rd floor Study Room

I'm guessing most of you will know where the Union is by now! But did you know there is a study room upstairs just for students to get on with their uni work! This study is a newly refurbished space complete with comfy seats, USB ports and plenty of space to plug all your needed chargers in!! Because it is in the Union you can get a Starbucks downstairs on your MET card to keep you going. What's even better, if this study does get busy, you can always book a room at reception for you and your friends.


2. Ezra and Gil - Northern Quarter

Ezra and Gil is the perfect place for AMAZING food and has a chilled atmosphere to get on with your studies. It can get busy now and again, filled with students like yourselves getting on top of their work load but do not be disuaded! I recommend the Classic "E&G" Breakfast to give you some well-needed energy and to get that brain going! ANOTHER TIP - download "The Dealer" App and you might bag yourself a discount code!


3. Central Library - St Peters Square

YES, it's a library, but this is very different from our library at All Saints Park. Being one of Manchester's most ICONIC buildings, it should be an obvious choice but you'll be surprised how many students do not think of it! Offering plenty of space to set up camp with easily accessible, lightning fast wi-fi, the library has everything a stressed student needs. The on-site café is one of the better public library cafes in the city. With a good range of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, cakes and snacks galore, there’s something here that's guaranteed to get you through the day.

4. Grano - Birley Fields

You may not have noticed this hidden gem, but this place really is a haven for those long study sessions. With a chilled atmosphere and great aesthetics, it offers everything a student needs. Grano has a wide selection of food and drinks for you to choose from, ranging from hot food to lovely sandwiches! They also accept payments on your MET card if you are low on funds and need a coffee fix! You can find Grano next to CO-OP on Stretford Road. Next to Birley Accommodation for those in the Townhouses or Vine/Dunham.


5. North Tea Power - Northern Quater

North Tea Power is a popular spot for students and bloggers alike. The good Wi-Fi and comfortable furniture are all you’ll need to get stuck into your revision. Their wide selection of cakes and freshly ground coffee will keep you going throughout the day, and we think their hot chocolate will be a firm favourite for students as the nights get longer (or their mochas, for those of you who need a caffeine kick). North Tea Power is also dog-friendly, so if you’re a sucker for a Shih Tzu, you might want to make this your new study spot!


Always remember, you have all the Univeristy Buildings to get work done. However try out one of these spots and you'll be on to a winner! Studying AND the chance to explore Manchester a little bit more, guilt free!

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