20 posters you'll find in every student bedroom

By ResLifeTeam 21 Jul 2016

Audrey, Bob, Al P: They're all there.

Take a look across student bedrooms up and down the country and you'll find a pattern building up...

How many of the Top 20 sound familiar? 

  1.  Pulp Fiction
    Whether you know who Tarantino is or not, you'll be able to quote verbatim THAT Samuel L. Jackson monologue.
  2. Bob Marley
    It's ok, Bob is here so every little thing is gonna be alright. Let's just take some time to contemplate that...
  3. Keep Calm And (insert any word here)                                 Bake cupcakes, pet a badger, exterminate, hammer time know the drill by now.
  4. Anti Keep Calm Posters                                                               Keep Calm And STOP making these posters. (Bonus points for irony)
  5. Classic Album Covers                                                                   A band using a zebra crossing, a baby diving for a dollar bill, body painted ladies etc.
  6. Inspirational Quotes

    'The time is always right to do what is right' right?

  7. New York Skyline

    Preferably monochrome to make the bright yellow cab stand out.

  8. Pop Art

    Lichenstein, Warhol or a little something you made earlier using photobooth on your mac.

  9. A Clockwork Orange

    Counter culture classic. What this says about you though, I've absolutley no idea.

  10. VW Campervans/scooters/minis

    Nostalgia from your time abroad...

  11. Small Baby Animals

    A kitten playing in cushions, a puppy dirt get the picture.

  12. Scarface

    Good old Al. What a Lad.

  13. Paramore

    Yes, you're a Parafan and, yes, you've got the t-shirt. Next question?

  14. Game of Thrones

    Which house do you pledge allegiance to?

  15. Banksy

    Noooo don't let go of the balloon!

  16. Parisian Chic

    Think: Chat Noir, Moulin Rouge and the Absinthe Fairy.

  17. Breaking Bad

    BR.BA. You've learnt to respect Chemistry whether you study it or not.

  18. Eye Candy

    Whatever floats your boat!

  19. Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn

    Your homage to classic Hollywood starlets. 

  20. Periodic Table of Mixology

    You don't need to be studying science but your experience with volume helps! 

Got a pin-board in your room? Back away from the Blu-Tac and pin to your heart's content.

That way you're not going to get fined for ripping off half the wall paint in your room!

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