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Who are the Liverpool Guild?

By kroberts 20 Jun 2017

Liverpool Guild of Students is the Univeristy of Liverpool Students Union. The Guild was founded in 1889, with the building constructed in 1911.

Our Mission is to

Fight for the things that matter
Re-establish the Guild as the heart of campus
Develop and support students

Our Vision is

To improve, develop and enrich the lives of all students - from application to graduation.

Our Values are to be

Fun and friendly. We're exciting, nurturing, and love what we do.
Ambitious. Good is just not good enough - our student members deserve the best.
Innovative and nimble. We're proactive and inspire change. We do everything with passion and principle.
Representative and involving. We provide the chance to create history and shape the world around us. Every interaction with us turns students into ambassadors for the Guild.
Professional and responsible. We're inspiring, human, respectful, informative and inclusive. Everything we provide is the high quality our members deserve.
Sustainable. We've been here for over 100 years. We'll be here for hundreds more by being ethically, environmentally and financially sustainable.




Your team of four Student Officers work full time with us to make your University experience better.

They’ve all recently graduated from the University of Liverpool, but they’re not quite ready to leave the student scene just yet.  Instead, they were elected by fellow students in March 2015 to help improve things. 

They will work until Summer 2016 supporting activities, running campaigns and bringing your ideas to life; making sure everyone can hear your voice loud and clear.

Here's how you can get in touch.

Phone: 0151 794 6868
Twitter: @LiverpoolGuild
Facebook: /LiverpoolGuild

You can also pop in to see us. We're the big building with the green flag in the middle of University square -
160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5TR.



kroberts is My name is Kevin I am a member of your Halls Student Experience Team. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about the activities and experience we provide here at the University of Liverpool Halls.
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