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What you'll miss about university over summer...

By eknowles 23 Jul 2018

The year has flown by and you’ve only just got used to ‘adulting’, right?

Summer is just around the corner and soon you will have to kiss your university halls goodbye and return to the nest.

Here are 5 things every university student will miss when leaving for the summer break:

  1. Freedom
    Even though you’ve messed up your sleep schedule and have pre-breakfast snacks at 3am you cherish the freedom you have. When you head home for summer you might question if you're a prisoner when your mum won't let you leave the house at midnight to get a Chinese. 
    I Love You Guys Im A Freaking Adult GIF
  2. Nights out
    You’ll miss being excited in lectures for getting dolled up, heading straight to pre-drinks after devouring a cheese pizza to spend the night making memories with your mates – and as rough as you feel the next morning. Nothing comes close to being sprawled out on the sofa questioning what actually happened last night.
    Hungover Episode 7 GIF by Ex On The Beach
  3. Lounging around in pyjamas
    Staying in pjs all day every day is the norm at university, and no one will ever judge you for living in your bear onesie for 2 days straight. Whether you’re hungover or living in the library the night before the big deadline, pyjamas are the greatest comfort for any student. Don’t be surprised when your parents insist you’re too old for onesies, they just don’t understand...
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  4. University campus
    Being able to roll out of bed straight into lectures is one the biggest benefits of living on campus. You've come to love your new home so it'll feel strange not waking up next to the bar, library and even lecture halls over summer. How will you cope without your morning Starbucks? 
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  5. Your flatmates
    You say you won’t cry when you give each other hugs goodbye before leaving for summer, but you know you’re going to miss your closest friends who’ve stuck by you through thick and thin. They’ve learned how to make you a perfect cuppa, and have been a shoulder to cry on when you needed it most.
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You'll miss it but you'll be back before you know it!