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What to pack

By LivHallsLife 15 Aug 2019

You're going to be heading off on a new adventure soon, and the temptation is to buy loads of new stuff to take with you. However, our advice is to bring the essentials with you on moving day and figure the rest out once you're here - wait until you know the size of your room and what everyone else has brought before making loads of new purchases.

´╗┐There are, however, some things that you will need over the first few days and so will definitely need to bring with you from home:

  • Documentation / ID
  • Bedding (pillows, quilt, sheets) 
  • Stationery
  • Towels
  • Coat hangers
  • Laundry bag/hamper
  • Bathmat (if you have an en-suite bathroom particularly)
  • Bedside/desk lamp 
  • Kitchen utensils Make sure you have at least one plate, bowl, saucepan, glass and mug as well as a set of cutlery. Remember everyone else will be buying items for the kitchen so unless you're going to be living in a studio it's best to wait and see what everyone else has bought before you start buying full sets of everything.
  • Food to last you a few days before you head to the shops - see our tips on what to bring here.
  • Bring some photos / memorable items to make you feel at home

There are also things that you CAN'T bring to uni:

  • Chip fryers or rice cookers
  • Candles, incense sticks, tea lights (Battery powered fairy lights only)
  • Smoking equipment, such as pipes and ashtrays

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