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What is Halls Spend It?

By HallsLife 29 Nov 2017

Got an idea for an activity, event or item for the Halls that will help improve the student experience? We've got £15,000 set aside to spend this year on your ideas.

Halls' Spend It is a pot of money (£15,000) that any student living in University of Liverpool Halls can apply to for funding for an event, activity, item or project for the Halls. We want to see your bids for ideas that can really help improve the student experience at Halls this year.

There are normally three funding phases across the year where £5000 will be available to bid for.


I've got an idea - what do I do next?

To put your bid forward, you will need to complete a Halls' Spend It Bid form. These will become available closer to the next Spend It deadline. On the Spend It bid form you will find guidance about how to submit your bid and some basic criteria that need to be met for your proposal to be considered. Then you need to complete the form to outline your proposal. Put as much detail as you can explaining what your idea is, a breakdown of what it will cost, and how it will benefit Halls' students.


Who decides what gets funded?

The best part of Spend It is that it's not the University that ultimately gets to decide what's funded - it's you.

University staff will check all bids to make sure they meet the basic criteria and are ok from a health and safety perspective. Then the actual decision on what gets funded is over to our student residents.

If you submit a bid you'll be asked to put a short presentation together to explain why your proposal should be funded and you'll present this at a Spend It meeting. Any student from Halls can attend a Spend It meeting to hear all the different pitches and then decide which they think should be awarded funding. So even if you've not got an idea for funding yourself you can still be involved in the process by helping decide what gets funded. The Spend It Meeting will take place on Thursday 16th November 2017 at 6.30pm in the Elizabeth Gidney Room. For more information about how you can get involved with the Spend It Meeting, keep an eye on your emails and Halls Life!


What's been funded so far?

Just to give you a flavour of what has been approved in the past, some bids that were approved last year included:

  • Cocktail Mixology class for the Student Villages.
  • Ping pong and pool tables for Philharmonic Court.
  • A projector and screen for Vine Court to run film nights.
  • A motivational speaker lecture open to all Halls.
  • An archery tag event for all Halls which took place at the Sports Centre.
  • Welcome Week events for the Halls, including Post Grad events, a BBQ for Melville and Beatles night for Carnatic.
  • The recent Ghetto Golf trip open to all Halls.
  • Equipment for the Carnatic Bike Club.


Need more info?

You can email our HSC Coordinator, Caroline Arnold, for more information at

We look forward to seeing lots of ideas for the forthcoming bid deadline!