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Want to win prizes every two weeks?

By kroberts 27 Sep 2017


Want to win prizes every two weeks for yourself as well as a big delivery of Ben & Jerry’s for your hall (all while reducing your impact on the environment!)? Then get involved with Student Switch Off!

This year your hall is taking part in the Student Switch Off energy-saving and recycling competition which is all about doing your bit to help the environment whilst living in halls. Last year, the campaign saved enough energy to boil the kettle over 1.7 million times and kept 30 tonnes of CO2 out the atmosphere! Let’s see if we can beat that this year…

What’s Student Switch Off?

Everyone can do their bit to help the environment and we think a great place to start is with simple energy saving and recycling actions. Student Switch Off is a campaign that all residents of halls are a part of. To help encourage you to save energy and recycle we run a competition between all the halls and the college that saves the most energy and recycles the best by the end of the academic year will win a big delivery of Ben & Jerry’s to say thank you. We also give away prizes which you can win for yourself by entering our competitions that launch via e-mail and on Facebook every 2-3 weeks during term time.

How can I get involved?

Easy, just like our Facebook page and pledge your support for the campaign by joining our mailing list! Everyone who does so in the next week will go into the draw to win one of 3 Ben & Jerry’s vouchers! So…

  1. Like the Facebook page:
  2. Sign up to our mailing list:      

The Student Switch Off Team

PS If you’re interested in environment issues and would like to boost your CV you can also become a Student Switch Off Ambassador for your hall. Keep a look out next week for our Give it a Go programme that will give you the chance to become an Ambassador


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