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Waiting for your Accommodation Offer?

By sophiebk 13 Aug 2019

If you have received a place at the University of Liverpool on A Level Results day, don't panic when your room offer doesn't follow straight away. You will receive your accommodation offer after Midday on Monday 19th August 2019. With this in mind, here’s our top tips for those of you waiting for your offer...

1. Be patient

Your room offers will not start going out until Monday 19th August so don't panic when you don't get your offer straight after results. You also won’t find out your room number until much closer to moving day, so overall just make sure you stay calm!

2. Keep an eye on your emails

Make sure you check the email address you used to apply, as this is the one we will be contacting. Be sure to also check your Junk and Spam files from Monday 19th onwards, as sometimes emails can end up there.

3. Don't reject your offer if you want a room with us

If you receive an offer and it is not your preference, this is not incorrect, we cannot always offer students their preferences due to demand and availability.
Once you receive your offer you accept this by going onto the Liverpool Life portal and clicking 'Accept Offer'. Once you click accept you are accepting an accommodation contract for that room and you will have 7 working days to cancel this. If you reject your offer because it's not the room type/Hall you wanted we will assume you don't want a room at all, so it is better to accept and join the wait list for a room move rather than having to reapply. You can see more guidance here.

4. Check out the Accommodation Website

Remember, the offer you receive on Monday will be for your Hall and Room Type, you will not find out your room number until closer to when you arrive. You can see guidance on what to do once you have your offer here. 

5. Keep updated by using Halls Life

The Halls Life Website is the best place to keep up to date with what’s going on and you will find many of your questions answered here. This is also where the list of Facebook groups are so once you know your Hall, get joining and meeting your new Hallsmates!

Clearing 2019

We guarantee good quality accommodation in University-approved accommodation or in our own Halls of Residence to students who have been made an offer through clearing in 2019.  Please call our accommodation team on: 0151 795 0319 to apply for accommodation.

We look forward to seeing you all in September!!
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