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Vine Court Menu for this week

By hughero 25 Feb 2019

Please note all dishes are subject to change and alterations.
Vegetarian dishes (v) may contain nuts. Please speak to the chef or catering manager if you have any issues.

Meals are served 4.30-7 pm during the week and 2-5 pm at the weekend.


Starters: Tomato bruschetta / Chilled melon selection / Tomato & lentil soup

Mains: Asian style chicken pieces / Cajun beef stew / Sausage roll / Homemade vegetable sausage rolls (v) / Veggie chilli nacho bake (v)

Sides: Spicy wedges / Creamed potatoes / Steamed new potatoes / Baked beans / Boiled rice / Broccoli/Carrots

Dessert: Chocolate  Syrup sponge pudding / Cold selection / Fruit salad


Starters: Mini samosa & chutney / Chilled melon selection / Minestrone soup

Mains: Chicken breast in Piri- Piri sauce / Cottage pie / Cheese and ham slice / Roasted vegetable cottage pie (v) / Vegetable stir fry (v)

Sides: Chips , Croquette / Roasted new potatoes / Beans / Rice / Mixed vegetables

Desserts: Jam and coconut sponge / Cold selection / Fruit salad


Starters: Garlic and mozzarella bread / Chilled melon selection / Vegetable soup

Mains: Roast Beef Yorkshire Pudding / Chicken breast in chasseur sauce / Breaded scampi tails / Vegetable schnitzel (v) / Roasted vegetable and lentil stew (v)

Sides: Roast potatoes / Gratin potato / Cabbage and leeks / Carrot and swede / Beans

 Dessert: Fruits of the forest and pear crumble / Cold selection / Fruit salad


Starters: Spring rolls / Chilled melon selection / Leek and potato soup

Mains: Chinese style chicken thighs / BBQ ribs / Pepperoni pizza / Cheese and tomato Pizza (v) / Roasted vegetable lasagne (v)

Sides: Herby rice / Mash potato / Beans / Boiled rice / Peas and sweetcorn  

Desserts: Lemon sponge / Cold selection / Fruit salad


Starters: Onion rings & garlic mayo / Chilled melon selection / Carrot and coriander soup

Mains: Qtr. pounder cheese burger / Breaded turkey escalope / Freshly battered cod fillet / Quorn style burger with salsa and cheese (v) / Spinach soufflé (v)

Sides: Chips / Half-baked jacket / Rice / Beans / Green beans / Mushy peas

Desserts: Treacle sponge w/custard / Cold selection / Fruit salad


Mains: Chilli beef burrito / Chicken nuggets / Salmon and broccoli fishcake / Vegetable fajitas wrap (v) / Cheese and tomato omelette (v)

Sides: Curly fries / Beans / Mixed vegetables / Rice

Dessert: Cold selection / Fruit salad


Mains: Beef Madras / Cornish pasty / Breaded plaice / Leek and fondue tart (v) / Pepper stuffed with spicy cous cous (v)

Sides: Roast potatoes / Chips / Country style vegetables / Beans / Savoury Rice

 Desserts: Cold selection / Fruit salad

(Menu 2)