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Vine Court - Menu for this week

By sophiebk 21 Mar 2019

Please note all dishes are subject to change and alterations.
Vegetarian dishes (v) may contain nuts. Please speak to the chef or catering manager if you have any issues.

Meals are served 4.30-7 pm during the week and 2-5 pm at the weekend.


Starters: Tomato bruschetta / Chilled melon selection / Tomato and basil soup

Mains: Italian style meatballs in tomato sauce / Grilled Pork steak / Chicken burger with Hash brown on brioche /  Quorn balls in a spicy tomato sauce (v) / Vegetable Kiev (v)

Sides: Steamed new potatoes / Herby  potatoes / Broccoli / Baton carrots / Beans / Penne pasta

Dessert: Apple crumble / Cold selection / Fruit salad


Starters: Vegetable spring rolls/ Chilled melon selection / Carrot and lentil soup 

Mains: Chicken breast in a Cantonese chilli sauce / Sirloin steak with garlic butter / Breaded haddock fillet / Red onion and goat cheese tart (v) / Nut Roast (v)

Sides: Curly fries / Roasted new potatoes/ Country vegetables / Baked beans/ Boiled rice

Desserts: Bakewell tart / Cold selection/ Fruit salad  


Starters: Potato wedges dip / Chilled melon selection / Mushroom and thyme soup 

Mains: Roast loin of pork/ Chicken breast in a tomato basil sauce / Sweet chilli / Salmon supreme / Wild

mushroom risotto (v) / Roasted vegetable ravioli(v)

Sides: Roast potatoes/ New potatoes , jackets/ Mixed vegetables / Cauliflower/ Rice/ Beans

Dessert: Jam rolly poly / Cold selection/ Fruit salad



Starters: Garlic bread / Chilled melon selection / Carrot and lentil

Mains: Cumberland sausage Onion Gravy / Chicken breast with cream cheese / Fish fingers / Vegetable fajita wraps (v) / Cheese and Tomato pizza

Sides: Spicy wedges / Mash potato / Peas and sweetcorn / Steamed new potatoes / Baked beans / Boiled rice

Desserts: Sticky toffee pudding / Cold selection / Fruit salad


Starters: Onion bhaji / Chilled melon selection / Tomato Soup

Mains: Cheese burger w/ Floury bap / Chicken Balti / Freshly battered cod / Cheese frittata (v) / Vegetable balti (v)

Sides: Chips / Half-baked jacket / Mushy peas / Green beans / Rice / Beans

Desserts: Cherry sponge w/ custard / Cold selection / Fruit salad


Mains: Chicken fillets Cajun style / Beef Chilli nacho bake / Hot dog topped with pulled pork / Quorn and mushroom escalope (v) / Vegetable & three Bean chilli (v)

Sides: Curly fries / Country vegetables / Beans / Boiled rice / Peas / Spaghetti  

Desserts: Cold selection / Fruit salad


Mains: Chilli beef stir fry / Breaded plaice fillet / Tortellini formaggio (v) / Vegetable stir fry with noodles /Cheese and onion pasty

Sides: Roast potatoes / Chips / Mixed vegetables / Baked beans / Boiled rice

Desserts: Cold selection / Fruit salad

(Menu 3)