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TV to watch out for in 2017

By eknowles 08 Feb 2017

2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster...

And, for all you Chinese Zodiac beginners out there one of the key features of a Fire Rooster year is PROGRESS.

TV bosses, commissioners and execs are not letting the side down as they've planned for some pretty progressive shows. With some old favourites returning and some brand new series’ hitting our screens, get ready for an explosive year.

Here’s our list of the top TV coming up - be careful, though, there’s enough stuff here to keep you inside for the best part of a year! 

  1. X-Men: Legion 
    Marvel are set to make this their year, and kicking things off is this X-Men spin-off from Noah Hawley. Take one mutant, David Haller and diagnose him with schizophrenia. From that description alone it's worth a few blinks.
  2. House of Cards, Season 5
    Kevin Spacey is ready to make a storming comeback in the fifth season of this White House epic. Look out for the 33 Primetime Emmy Award nominee in the second quarter of 2017.
  3. Twin Peaks 
    You can't keep a good man down, even after quite a lengthy spell of absence. Agent Cooper is back, along with a host of returning characters and some new faces in one of the most eagerly anticipated shows of the year.
  4. This Is Us
    Get set for 2 new seasons from this Golden Globe nominee for Best TV Drama. Not watched it? Described as being like a hug - warm and comfortable, yet, it'll make you challenge your everyday presumptions about people you think you know...
  5. Stranger Things
    One of the most talked about shows of 2016 - it has to be in the mix! The “binge watch” smash hit of last year will return with all the original cast to transport viewers back to retro sci-fi 80’s drama land.
  6. Tina and Bobby
    Michelle Keegan has a busy year ahead with the third series of Our Girl to be released in Autumn. But, she’s kicking things off with this football biopic of Tina and Bobby Moore based on their life and the rise of Bobby’s career during the golden years of English football.
  7. Catastrophe, Season 3 
    It’s the return of ships in the night, Sharon and Rob and the fall out of their affair. This series features a posthumous appearance from Carrie Fisher playing Rob's mum. Any fans of the late screen star? This is a must!
  8. A Series of Unfortunate Events 
    The popular book and film have now been adapted for TV as we follow the Baudelaire orphans on their quest to find out family secrets. Don't be fooled, though, this isn't just for kids, it's got dark themes and is full of wit and imagination.
  9. Designated Survivor 
    Season 1 left us on quite a cliffhanger - who was behind the Capitol bombing? Will MacLeish become VP? Is President Kirkman going to get murdered? Tune back in this March to find out!
  10. Jamestown
    Downton may have gone, but its creators, Carnival films, are set to release this big-budget drama that follows the early days of the first British settlers in the US. Expect mystery, sex, violence, and, Native Americans scalping a straggling founding father or two.

Which will you watch first?!


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