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Top Tips for Decorating Your Room This Christmas!

By HallsLife 22 Nov 2017

We know during the Christmas Season you want to decorate your flat in a way that even Harrods will be jealous of, but for your own safety, we’ve prepared some guidelines for you….


  • To get in the spirit, a small Fire Retardant Christmas tree may be placed in the lounge area of self-catered flats, and in the shared Common Rooms in Carnatic Student Village.


  • Please remember to only use Battery Operated Fairy Lights - due to health and safety regulations, the use of plug-in fairy lights is not permitted in Halls.


  • Use shatterproof plastic baubles rather than glass baubles – there’s less chance of breaking them and ruining your decoration.


  • Make sure to keep your decorations off the ceiling and walls and away from cooking areas – we wouldn’t want any accidental fires to ruin the holidays!


  • Keep your corridors and stairwells free from decorations. These are your exits in case of emergency and so it is important these areas are kept clear.


  • Don’t forget to get the last person to leave for Christmas to take all the decorations down before they leave. After all, you’ll want to come back to a fresh and clean flat in January!


Most of all - have fun with your decorations! Once your flat is all spruced up, why not take a little Instagram pic and tag us at @livcampushalls, @carnatichalls or @greenbankhalls? After all, we cannot wait to see all the decorations!


christmas tree GIF