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Top 10 festival essentials

By kroberts 26 Jun 2018

With term finished, it's time to get excited about this year's summer festivals! 

Whether you're hitting up Glastonbury, Leeds, Reading or somewhere else, here are the top ten essential items that YOU have chosen to get you through any UK festival...

1. Wellies - Come rain or shine there is no doubt the ground will get muddy, so keep those Converse clean and invest in some wellies instead.

2. Hand sanitiser/ baby wipes- It's inevitable that you'll get filthy and these are the quickest and easiest ways to keep relatively clean.

3. Booze - Admittedly this is the less likely to be forgotten, but just be sure to check before you go that they allow you to bring your own.


4. A bottle opener - Something so simple but always forgotten. Use a key ring to attach it to a bag to avoid losing it.

5. Loo roll - We don't think this needs any more explanation... 

6. Speakers - After the music has ended for the night and you're not quite ready to go to bed, have your own speakers in your tent to keep the party going.

7. An old phone - No doubt you don't want to lose/break your fancy iPhone, so take an older phone you don't have to worry about.


8. Sun cream - The last thing you want is someone sitting on your shoulders the day after the sun has decided to make an appearance - OUCH!

9. Protection - Not just from the sun but if you happen to get lucky one night...

10. Anorak - There is nothing worse than walking (let alone dancing) in wet clothes, so for when the heavens open, have a waterproof handy.


So squeeze these ten items in your backpack to be sure you have an amazing festival experience!

Oh and don't forget your entry ticket, and maybe some ibuprofen for the headaches...from the music obviously. 

Also, remember to drink responsibly (you don't want to miss a beat!) 


kroberts is My name is Kevin I am a member of your Halls Student Experience Team. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about the activities and experience we provide here at the University of Liverpool Halls.
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