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Things only people who burn easily can relate to

By kroberts 26 Jun 2018

With high hopes of longer and warmer days ahead, it's time for everyone to flock outdoors and make the most of the sunshine!

Sadly, not everybody will be as excited about this prospect...

And if you relate to 3 or more of these then we're guessing you're one of these people!

Getting invited out for a long walk in the sunshine...christopher walken i dont want to reaction desert seven psychopaths
It genuinely is your idea of hell.

And this is the only way you'll be able to stay safe...
TV Land Classic friends joey joey tribbiani matt leblanc
Because whether you decline or not, you'll be forced out because "you look like you need some sun."

Burning in weird places like the bottom of your feet is a completely regular occurrence...
loop shoes
And anyone pointing out how weird this is, or asking how you managed it will not be met with a welcoming response. 

Getting sunburn on top of sunburn is also normal.
snl crying
Which is why when you volunteer to go and get ice creams for everyone it's never out of kindness, but code for, 'GET ME OUT OF THE SUN.'

When your mum hands you SPF 30...beach humor are you kidding me cougar
#Factor50forlife. Yes, even in the faintest hint of sun. 

Knowing this still wouldn't do the job...
The Simpsons marge simpson maggie simpson season 14 episode 8
The only way to stay safe is with an umbrella, a bucket hat, and full-length clothes- on top of the 8 layers of suncream!  

You have a least one past horror story that involves falling asleep in the sun and waking up like this...
So rather than people pointing out that you're 'going to burn', you'd appreciate it if they'd just cover you up. With a jacket, a magazine, a scarf, it really doesn't matter!

This happens every summer...

But you'd rather deal with your friends putting suncream on you however which way than burn everywhere. (Sadly most aren't this artistic, and are usually slightly cruder.)

Whenever someone tells their 'worst sunburn ever' story...
arrested development eye roll lucille bluth
You're silently judging them because every day you've spent in the sun has been significantly worse.

Did you relate? 

Sadly we can't take away your traumatising sunburn memories, but we can help you prevent them in the future...

The sun is at it's strongest between 10am and 2pm.
So to avoid putting yourself at risk, grab some shade in this period. Always cover up vulnerable areas like your shoulders, chest, and head, and don't forget to keep reapplying the cream!

How much suncream should I be applying?

Whether you're an absolute sun god/goddess or more of a pale Gail,  you should always apply a thick layer of sun cream at least 30 minutes before stepping into the sun. Then, reapply at least every 2 hours.

It might seem like an effort to get up and spend 5 minutes layering up, but it'll be more of an effort to get out of bed tomorrow if you don't.

Remember! You can burn in less than 15 minutes, and it can take 3-5 hours to develop. So, what looks like a little red patch now could be a bright and painful patch later!

Don't risk it. Cover up. 


kroberts is My name is Kevin I am a member of your Halls Student Experience Team. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about the activities and experience we provide here at the University of Liverpool Halls.
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