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The Halls Life Spotlight

By HallsLife 10 Nov 2017

So, you’ve settled into your halls, you’ve found a family within you flat and you’re getting adjusted to the university routine. But, now that Welcome Week is just a distant memory – what is there to do here in Liverpool?

The short answer: so much! Here in the Halls’ Student Experience team we want to make sure you’re making the absolute most out of the fantastic city you’ve found yourself in – and we’re going to help you!

Liverpool is not short of its tourist attractions and is so rich in culture that we understand that trying to make plans to do and see everything can get overwhelming – so, we’ve decided to create “Spotlight” articles featuring different parts of the city we think you need to see! Within these articles, there’ll be recommendations for tourist hotspots, the best dining locations and some hidden shopping location gems.

As time goes on, we’ll be adding more and more “Spotlight” articles, so make sure to keep checking back to find out the best locations in Liverpool to visit – whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time resident to the city!



When you’ve followed our articles and discovered your favourite parts of the city – make sure to capture the moment on Instagram and tag us at @livcampushalls with the hashtag: #HallsLifeSpotlights! We cannot wait to see the posts already!