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Supermarket cheat sheet

By kroberts 20 Oct 2016

Last minute food shopping? Sadly not being at home anymore means you can't get your parents to whip something up out of nothing!

So, sometimes it's got to be done. Just make sure you know these super saving facts before hunger and hurry blur your senses...

Value for money? 

  • Loo roll- It's all in the thickness, not the cheapness. Penny pinching goes too far when you're using three times as many sheets and getting through a pack of 12 a week!
  • 2 for £2- Before you throw two bags in the trolley have a look at the original price and work out how much you save- it's usually not much more than 20p, and would you have brought two without the offer?
  • Fruit/veg multipacks- Loose veggies (by kg) actually work out cheaper and save on wastage, especially if you only buy that 3 pack of peppers for the red ones!
  • Look closely- Did you know supermarket shelves are arranged so that brands and luxury range items are at eye level and the cheaper range stuff is on a lower shelf? You are less inclined to bend down for a less attractive pack of 'you'd butter believe it'- even if the contents taste the same!
  • Group shopping- Instead of having 5 milks, 4 loaves and a load of rotten fruit, club together for the basics! Or put a little extra in your joint bills account for food/toiletries?
  • Shopping soundtracks- Supermarkets play music at a low bpm, slower than your resting heart beat, to keep you relaxed and encourage you to stay longer and buy more.
  • Price reductions- Supermarkets often reduce items that are about to expire late in the evening, a great time pick up a bargain!
  • Hungry shoppers- Try to avoid going food shopping on an empty stomach. You subconsciously pick more stuff up and are more inclined to buy junk food.
  • Keep it fresh- Freeze your bread and use it when you need it, put apples in the fridge, put cheese in a tupperware box, get plastic clips for open bags of crisps, doughnuts etc... 

Brands vs Basics

Can you really taste the difference? You will definitely notice the difference in your savings if make a few brand swaps on things like baked beans, fish fingers, cereal and sweets. Take a look... 

Basics Basics Branded Savings
Jaffa Cakes (12 pack) 50p £1.25 £0.75
Mayonnaise (500ml) 45p £2.10 £1.65
Lemonade (2l) 20p £1.40 £1.20
Cornflakes (500g) 50p £1.95 £1.45
Fish fingers (x10) 65p £2.00 £1.35
    Saved: £6.40


If you can save this on 5 items, think what could you save on an entire shop- and what this could buy you! 


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