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Moving in to Halls - All you need to know

By sophiebk 11 May 2020

If you're moving in to University Accommodation we recommend visiting each of the below pages to help you arrive fully prepared and ready to go. For more information on life once you are here, click here.

Please note - specific advice on move in for this year (2020) will be published over the summer. 

  1. Your Postal Address 
  2. Your Room 
  3. Find Your Flatmates (Social Media groups for students arriving in September 2020)
  4. Mentally Preparing for University 
  5. What to pack for Uni
  6. Moving Day- What to Expect 
  7. Travelling around the City and to Greenbank - Click here for advice on travelling via car, bus or bike.
  8. Moving in – Top Tips



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