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Student Switch Off

By HallsLife 30 Jan 2018

Notification of halls visit

Dear Resident

Student Switch Off will be visiting the communal kitchens in Melville Grove and Vine Court on the afternoon of Wednesday 31st Jan and then Tudor Close and Philharmonic Court on the afternoon of Tuesday 20th Feb. This visit is to remind you about the energy-saving and recycling competition running between the halls. They will be giving out free coasters with energy-saving tips, and running a mini-competition where you can win 2 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for yourself (any flavour you like including vegan flavours!). It’s a great opportunity for you to ask them any questions about the competition, and get some great tips on saving energy and recycling!

 The team will not be entering bedrooms – only communal kitchens - and will only be in each kitchen for a couple of minutes.


switch off GIF by NewQuest


Remind me – what’s Student Switch Off?

Student Switch Off is the energy-saving and recycling competition on campus to reduce energy waste in halls. The hall that saves the most energy and recycles the best by the end of this year will win a big delivery of Ben & Jerry’s! Like the Facebook page or check out the website for more information.

If DiCaprio cares about the planet, then so should you!

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