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Spend It meeting - have your say!

By eknowles 06 Mar 2018

So the third deadline for bids to Halls Spend It has closed. Now it's over to you to decide how the £5,000 available in this round of spending gets allocated!

So what is Halls' Spend It again?

Halls' Spend It is a source of funding that any student living in University of Liverpool Halls can bid for to fund events, activities and projects from our £15 000 pot.

We have created Halls’ Spend It as an opportunity for you to pitch for funding for your big ideas, receive support to get them off the ground and develop your skills in presenting and project management.

And what's this meeting all about?

The next Spend It meeting is on Thursday 15th March at 5.30pm at the Guild.

With Spend It the power is in your hands. Staff don't get to decide how the Spend It money is allocated, you do. The Spend It meeting is where the latest bids are presented and decided upon so if you want a say in how money is being spend to benefit your Halls, this is your chance.

At this meeting Halls' students will come together to look at all the funding requests and discuss as a group where it would be best used, and why. This will give you chance to meet fellow students in Halls and find out more about what different Halls are getting up to, and also work together to make sure Halls' students are happy with where the money is going.

Any Halls resident can attend this meeting. If your interested in taking part though you need to register beforehand. Follow this link to book via the Guild website. Don't worry about having to miss your dinner to attend, there will be pizzas ordered for the meeting to give you something to eat whilst you decide on the bids (register your dietary requirements by 5pm Wednesday).

What bids are we deciding on?

In this round we have bids including:

  • Halls tickets for the upcoming Carnival of Light in the Mountford Hall
  • a trip to an open air screening of Much Ado About Nothing
  • a farewell party for McNair Hall
  • a guitar amp for the Carnatic music room
  • bean bags for the common room at Carnatic House
  • a Halls trip to see the Terracotta Warriors. 
  • a Go Karting trip for all Halls
  • a trip to Breakout Liverpool
  • a cocktail making session for postgrads living in Halls over the summer
  • an Easter egg hunt for Melville Grove
  • an end of year party for all Halls 
  • a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for Vine Court

To find out more about any of these bids and to decide if they get funding, sign up to the Spend It meeting!

Want to know what's been approved for funding in the past? Check out this link.