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Some like it hot, hot, hot!!

By kroberts 15 Aug 2016

Temperature Control at Crown Place...

Each bedroom is provided with an Air Source Heat pump (ASHP) and a control unit to adjust the room temperature.


When it is warm outside the temperature in the room will only drop if the window is opened.

You can change the fan speed or switch the unit off but if your room becomes too warm just open your bedroom window and close the window shutter to reduce solar gain.

When it is cold outside, you can change the fan speed and temperature between 19-23 degrees Celsius or switch the unit off.

If the temperature in the room falls below 14 degrees Celsius, the control unit will switch itself on and will heat up the room to 18 degrees Celsius.

Once this temperature has been reached the control unit will switch itself off allowing the room to naturally cool down.

Additional Information

The red indicator on the unit means the control unit is switched on. If the indicator flashes on and off this means the unit is in fault mode and this needs to be reported to reception.

 If your still not sure on how to adjust the temperature in your room then please visit one of our helpful Customer Service Assistants at your hall reception.


kroberts is My name is Kevin I am a member of your Halls Student Experience Team. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about the activities and experience we provide here at the University of Liverpool Halls.
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