Safety on Campus

By sophiebk 29 May 2020

On campus, the University ensures a safe, secure and crime-free environment through the Campus Support team.

You can contact Campus Support in an emergency on 01517942222 or for non-emergencies call 01517943252.

While in halls if you need an ambulance or the police, please call 0151 794 2222.
It is important to call this number rather than 999, so Campus Support can escort the emergency service to your room. If you do call 999, please call Campus Support straight after.

The team offer a 24/7 chaperone service where they can escort any student, staff or visitor around the University campus to ensure that they feel safe whilst on our site. If you are working late or feel vulnerable and would like to request this service, please contact the control room on 0151 794 3252

If you have a bike please make sure you follow the Cycle Safety guidance here.

University Police Officer

The University has a dedicated Police Officer who patrols the main campus and is available to offer advice and support on crime-related issues.

The University may ask the Police Officer to visit students in their private accommodation when we receive information about potential issues, such as a complaint from a neighbour, a local residents’ group or the Environmental Health team. This is to enable us to investigate the issues and check on our students’ welfare off-campus. The Police Officer will report their findings to the University management team who will consider the appropriate action in each case.

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