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Revision at Carnatic

By eknowles 26 Apr 2017

Exams are coming up and it's revision time once again...

If you live at Carnatic Student Village and are looking for somewhere else to study other than your room, the Herculaneum Room will be available for quiet study from Thursday 27th April until the end of exams.

Opening times:

  • Monday to Friday: 7am to 10.30pm
  • Weekends: 7.30am to 6.30pm

With the exception of...

Due to events happening in the Herculaneum Room the room will NOT be available as follows:

  • On Wednesday 3rd May revision will finish early at 6pm due to an event scheduled in the room that evening.
  • On Thursday 4th May the room is being used as a polling station for the Mayoral/local elections so it will not be in use for revision at all on this day. It will be back in use as normal on Friday 5th May at 7am.
  • Tuesday 9th May - due to an event in the room in the late afternoon/early evening the room is only available for revision 7am to 12pm on this date and will resume as normal the next day.
  • From the 30th May onwards the room will be used as an exam venue so will not be in use. The last day for revision will be Monday 29th.

The Herculaneum Room has wifi so you will be able to connect your laptops to the network/internet to help with your study if you like.

Good luck with your exams!