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Rebecca's Tips for moving into Halls

By LivHallsLife 09 Aug 2019

Moving into halls can be a very daunting process as your parents drop you off to live by yourself for the first time, with a bunch of people you’ve never met…no more home cooking, someone cleaning, washing or ironing for you…

But this is also the start of something amazing, the best years of your life are just around the corner! Eating what you want, living how you want, going out whenever you want without a lecture from your parents! GO FRESHERS! 

Your parents help you unpack, say their farewells as if this is the last time they’ll ever see you, then it sinks in….this is ‘home’ now, and if you’re like me, this is the point you realise you may need to learn to cook something other than beans on toast.

For me, making your room have a personal touch was important, especially for those times when you’re missing home. When I first came into my room I wasn’t keen on the greyscale colour scheme, it was basic and bare, but I tried to look at this as a blank canvas for me to design as I wish. By living in a flat it is essential to spend time in the communal area and socialise with friends, but it is also nice to have your own escape after a stressful day of lectures, your room is just that, so you might as well make the most of this space.

So here’s my tips for packing for moving into halls & making your room your own…

  • Don’t over-pack, remember your halls bedroom will probably be a lot smaller than your own. Make a skeleton list of the basics you’ll need, as over time the amount of bits and pieces you have builds up and you will find yourself playing Tetris as you try to pack up the car at the end of the year (known from experience).
  • Don’t be that person who packs the night before and therefore forgets half the stuff you need, it’ll cost you an awful lot when you get to halls to get the essentials you forgot!
  • But don’t be the person who packs too far in advance or you’ll find yourself with nothing to wear, and living unnecessarily in a room full of boxes.
  • Do not forget important documentation, passports, driving licence, accommodation contracts etc.
  • Okay, so you’ve got your outfits ready for nights out, your alcohol and your pots and pans…but remember why you’re here, make sure to bring some basic academic resources.
  • Bring photos to stick to your wall to make it feel like home- but leave enough room up for photos of new memories with your new friends!
  • In the first few weeks the university runs many bargain poster sales to get great pictures of all sizes and tastes to brighten up those walls, it’ll make your room much more inviting for your friends to come in!
  • You don’t need to bring every size and shape of every kind of pots and pans, nor do you need every spice and flavoring (unless you know you’ll use them!) they take up space and will probably sit in your cupboard all year gathering dust!
  • My biggest essential? First Aid Kit (you’ll thank me later), not just for those dreaded hangovers, but when you’re feeling poorly and don’t feel like walking (what feels like) miles to the chemist, a First Aid kit solves many problems!
  • It is definitely worth bringing at least 1 fancy dress outfit if you have it, as no doubt at some point in the year you’ll find yourself needing it