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RA Events Funding 2015/2016

By kroberts 15 Sep 2016

Each RA has a budget to organise events and activities with their students. You are allocated £5 per student for the year so if you have 40 students for example then your budget for the year would be £200.

This money is to help facilitate small scale events and activities with your students. Students are increasingly telling us that they want more opportunities to mix with their flatmates and adjoining neighbours (other flats/blocks). This is where your RA events can make a big impact on the Halls experience for students.

These events are also a chance for you to get to know your students and you are expected to be in attendance at them (i.e. not just organising and activity for the students to do as a group without you).


What is expected?

For 2016-2017 the approach to the RA Events fund is changing:

How many events?

You will be expected to hold as many events as possible with a minimum of 1 event.


When do these need to be held?

One event should take place in the first 4-6 weeks of the first term as this is the key time for engaging students and is when they want to see most events. This event can be either your semester one event using your budget or it could be your ‘free to run’ event.

Utilising your budget – What can you do?

Events/activities using your RA budget:

For  events that will utilise your budget, to get the most out of this it is probably a good idea to look at splitting this budget relatively evenly between the two events. This way you could have £2.50 per person per event to spend. This may not sound like a lot but the Halls Student Experience Team has come up with lots of ideas and event ‘templates’ that will fit this budget.

You have two options open to you when thinking about these events – do you want to ‘stay in’ and do something in the Halls, or do you want to ‘go out’ and organise a small trip/activity in Liverpool for your students?

For ‘staying in’ the most popular option is to host some kind of social get together event with snacks and drinks. This could be a Christmas get together, quiz, film night or an end of year social for example. The Halls Student Experience Team have lots of suggested ‘package options’ that mean you can do an event like this for a £2.50 per head budget.

Please note, money for any snacks/refreshments for your initial Welcome Week meetings with your students will still come from your Wardens. The RA events money is for activities beyond these initial meetings.

If you want to ‘go out’ you could use your £2.50 per head budget to help subsidise the cost of an activity for students and they could then make a small contribution to make up the remaining cost of the activity. For example, in the past the Student Experience Team have been able to get tickets for the ODEON cinema for £5 each so your students could get a cinema trip for just £2.50 each using your budget to subsidise the cost. Again, the Student Experience Team has event template options for activities in Liverpool that can be done with just a small contribution from your students.

Please note though, if you have ambitions beyond these small scale trips your RA budget is not really intended for this. If you want to want to organise an event for a wider group of students (e.g. an activity open to all the students in your Hall) and perhaps take a trip to an attraction that would involve a coach for example, then there are other sources of money that are more appropriate (see ‘What other money is there’ below).

‘Free to run’ events:

We are lucky in Liverpool that the city has a wealth of free events, activities and attractions available throughout the year. These are a great way to get your students interacting and getting to know more about the wider city. Again, the Student Experience Team has lots of suggestions of ‘free’ events you can organise for your students. Example could be a museum visit, a trip to see Sefton Park fireworks or lantern festival, or even something as simple as giving your students a tour of the local area/city centre at the start of the year and showing them some of the ‘must see’ places.


How do you get started?

Your RA budgets are held by the Halls Student Experience Team and the team are here to offer you advice, support and guidance in organising your events/activities.

The team will be uploading event idea ‘templates’ and general event organising guidance about the process you need to follow  to our ‘RA Hub page’ on the Browzer website. This can be accessed at . You can also contact the team directly for advice at or arrange to call in and see them in person.


When you have an idea of what you want to do, whether this is a ‘free to run’ event or one accessing your RA budget you will need to contact the team via by completing the application form with a basic idea of what you want to do so you can get approval for your event.

 Once the basic idea is approved they will then get you to fill in a form to get started on planning the event and detail what purchases (if any) need to be made. 


The Halls Student Experience Team will be the ones making purchases on your behalf using their University purchase card. They will need five working days’ notice to make purchases so it’s important that you contact them early on with your event ideas.

Once the event is planned the team can then help you out with publicising this to your students via email, social media etc.

After the event

As the money for these RA events is held by the University there is an audit process that means the Student Experience Team will require you to submit certain paperwork after your event. It is ESSENTIAL that the following items are returned after each event:

Complete the online evaluation form detailing how the event went, number of attendees etc

A ‘names list’ detailing the name of every student who attended the event (there is a template file available for this)

All financial paperwork associated with any purchases made (so for example delivery notes, receipts and invoices).


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kroberts is My name is Kevin I am a member of your Halls Student Experience Team. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about the activities and experience we provide here at the University of Liverpool Halls.
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