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Our Chinese New Year at Dover Court

By eknowles 17 Feb 2017

Hall Student Committee President Nathan reports back on how the HSC's Chinese New Year event went at Dover Court...

Representing the large proportion of Chinese students in Dover Court Halls, Dover Court HSC provided the halls community with Chinese New Year’s celebrations, taking place on the Eve of New Year 2017. There was keen interest for the event, with students ‘banging the doors’ to get in as the clock hit 19.30.

With authenticity in mind, a traditional New Year’s feast was replicated, with food and decorations purchased from a famous Chinese supermarket-warehouse in the local area. This included an abundant quantity of Spring Rolls, Cheung Fun, Shumai, Soya beans and several varieties of Dumplings.

Eating with chopsticks, proved itself to be a quintessential part of the experience; Whilst for many students it was tradition, for those not as accustomed, It made for a fun challenge… and entertaining for everyone else.


In addition to the cooked food, a large collection of snacks, such as Prawn Crackers, Haw flakes,Sunflower-Seeds, Coconut candy and Seaweed-rice rolls were avaiable to grab. Most importantly, there was plenty of the infamous Tsingtao beer.


As soon as the first-batch of food was demolished, people were eager to get stuck into Dover Court’s own version of ‘KTV’ (Chinese Karaoke bar). For the few who were not as eager, a Taylor Swift rendition from one of the RAs soon brought them out of their shell.

Once the attendees had their dose of KTV,  they decided to do rounds of New year’s messages to background music of choice - It was great to see the Halls Community taking ownership of their event. This was followed by a Chinese version of ‘Truth or Dare’, in which the dares are contained in red envelopes - In China, it is tradition for family members to give money to one another in red envelopes. This was accompanied by the broadcast of the ‘Spring GALA’ on CCTV1.


Nathan Johnson,
Dover Court HSC President 2016-2017



dover court, HSC