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Need someone to talk to?

By sophiebk 30 Oct 2020

Living away at University can be a very big adjustment, and especially when living in such challenging times as we are at the moment. With this in mind, it's important that you know where to reach out to if you ever need to talk.

The University Wellbeing Team

If you think that you may require support in relation to any issue affecting your wellbeing you should contact the Wellbeing Team on 0151 795 1000 or via email at Initially you will speak with a Wellbeing Advisor who will support you to resolve any issues you may have or they may arrange for you to see a counsellor or Mental Health Advisor.

Halls Support

Each Hall has a team of Residential Advisers who live in Halls to provide support, guidance and vital contact out of normal office hours. Our RA team provides an on-call emergency service 8pm - 8am Monday-Friday and 6pm - 9am Saturday-Sunday. The contact number for the Residential Adviser team can be found on the notice boards in all kitchens and lift lobby’s as well as online here.

Talk Liverpool

Talk Liverpool is a free NHS service offering support to adults in Liverpool who are feeling depressed or anxious. Talk Liverpool is an improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT) service which means they aim to get you the right help at the right time. Contact them here.

Mersey Care 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Helpline

Mersey Care offer online and phone psychological support for anyone in need, just call 0800 145 6570

Campus support

On campus, the University ensures a safe, secure and crime-free environment through the Campus Support team. They can be contacted in an emergency on 0151 794 2222, or in a non-emergency – 0151 794 3252. 

The Brownlow Practice – Student Health

Brownlow Health is our recommended provider for students who need to register with a GP. Find out more here and you can also telephone them on 0151 2854578.

The Samaritans 

The Samaritans provide someone to talk to 24 hours a day, every day. Simply call 0330 094 5717. 


Papyrus offers support for People feeling suicidal. The service is available between 10am and 10pm weekdays, 2pm to 10pm weekends and 2pm to 5pm bank holidays. Papyrus can be contacted on 0800 0684141. This agency provides telephone support and has expertise in relation to helping people in suicidal crisis. 

James Place 

James' Place offers intensive support for men experiencing suicidal crisis, is focused on the individual and available free to men in the Merseyside area. Find out more here.

There's also a wealth of support online that you can access here.

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