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Moving Out Information

By sophiebk 29 May 2020

When it comes time for you to leave halls, please follow the below instructions.

Contract End Date

Please make sure you know when your contract end date is and move out by 10am on the allocated day. You will not be able to stay in your room any later than this date.

Prior to Departure

Before handing in your keys, please complete the following:

  • Clean your room and bathroom to a reasonable standard
  • Remove food and personal belongings from your kitchen. Please note there will usually be food collection boxes available in reception for any unwanted food items.
  • Removed personal belongings from your bedroom. Please note there will usually be clothes collection boxes available in reception for any unwanted clothing (see below).
  • Remove all rubbish from your room and kitchen.
  • Place small waste items in your kitchen bin


To receive back your full deposit, you must complete all tasks in the “departure checklist” (below) and your room must be free from damage. If any damage is found during inspection, we will cross check against the inventory form you filled in at check in before charging you accordingly. If your room is tidy and free from damage your deposit will be returned within six weeks from the end date of your contract. For a full list of cleaning and damage charges click here.

Moving Day

Trolleys are available to use from some receptions free of charge just make sure you check with reception staff in advance. If they are available you will need your Student ID card to borrow a trolley which must be returned to reception after use. Car Parking will vary at each Hall so make sure you have checked where you can park before leaving your vehicle. You will be issued with a ticket if you park in an undesignated parking area.


Leave Liverpool Tidy, along with the British Heart Foundation's Pack For Good, is a city wide project that aims to re-use, recycle and ultimately reduce the amount of items going to landfill. Every year when our students move out lots of waste is created. But it’s not waste, as most of it can be re-used or recycled. This is where Leave Liverpool Tidy steps in to collect, sort and redistribute items. If you want to know what you can donate click here to learn more, and donation boxes will be located in your halls reception. 

Left Belongings

It is your responsibility to remove all belongings from your bedroom and communal area. We will contact you via phone or email if we find any items of high value (EG. passport, driving licence, and laptop) and will store them for a maximum of 28 days after you have checked out. All other items will either be donated to charity, recycled or disposed of; to read our policy click here.

Mail and Parcels

You will need to change your postal address with family, friends, your bank and on websites such as Amazon. We will hold your post and parcels for two weeks after you check out, but after this it will be returned to the sender.

Checking Out

On the day you check out, bring your key card and post box key to reception and sign out. Please let a member of staff know you are departing your room to avoid any confusion over items in your room.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this important information. On behalf of the whole team at University of Liverpool Halls we would like to wish you the best of luck in your career and we sincerely hope that your time with us has been as memorable for you as you have made it for us.

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