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Moving in checklist for 2nd & 3rd years!

By kroberts 25 Jun 2018

Moving into private accommodation can be an exciting, yet super stressful time...

Whether you're moving into private accommodation for the first time or setting off into the real world after finishing uni, use this checklist to ensure you get all of the important stuff out of the way so you can get the best experience possible out of your new home.

Here's our list of the top things to remember: 

  1. Meet the neighbours! 
     neighbors GIF
    Introduce yourself to your new neighbours. Happy neighbours = happy life.
  2.  Take inventory 
    Make sure you take photos and notes of any damages and the general condition of the property to save possible disputes with the landlord later.
  3. Check if you're eligible for council tax exemption 
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    It's only going to be a benefit to you and help you save a little money if you're exempt! Click here to see if you're eligible
  4. Take meter readings 
    Take the gas, electricity, and water readings as soon as you get there and register your details with the supplier.
  5. Get a TV license/switch it over 
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    Make sure you get your TV license sorted when you get there or you already have one, make sure you update your address! If you're sharing a house, remember, you only need one license for the whole house.
  6. Understand your contract 
    Make sure you understand not only what's expected of you, but also what's expected of the landlord and your flat/housemates to ensure there are no fall-outs. 
  7. Find out when bin collection day is 
     gross disgusted smell eww smelly GIF
    No one wants a stinky bin, so make sure to find out when bin collection day is. To help you remember, put the date somewhere everyone will see it.
  8. Get on the electoral register 
    Make sure you register to vote or update your new address with the electoral register. Your vote matters!
  9. Arrange contents insurance 
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    It's always better to be safe than sorry, so get your contents insured just in case.
  10. Sign up with a local GP 
    Get yourself a GP or make sure you notify your GP of your address change. The sooner you do it, the less you'll have to worry about it.

Enjoy your new home!

And don't forget Liverpool Student Homes also have loads of handy information for starting off in your new home, from top moving in tips, to household finances, being part of the community and safety and security. Check out their pages here.

Here's LSH's factsheet with top moving in tips:

Moving_in_and_community_2017.pdf (2339KB)


kroberts is My name is Kevin I am a member of your Halls Student Experience Team. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about the activities and experience we provide here at the University of Liverpool Halls.
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