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Moving Day - What to Expect

By sophiebk 09 Aug 2019

We know moving day can be a bit overwhelming so we thought we'd give you an overview of how the practical elements of the day will go.

Your Arrival Slot

As part of the pre-arrival process you will complete online, you will book your arrival slot for the date and time you will move in. It's really important you stick to your allocated time as the Halls have planned staffing and parking around the numbers for each slot, so if you come early or late this can cause delays in the arrivals process due to the large number of students checking-in.


If you are travelling by car, parking will be available for unloading but it is limited. There will be moving helpers on site to guide you to the correct drop off zones and help you unload. You will receive information via email about exactly where to park for your Hall.

If you are travelling by Public Transport the nearest train stations are Liverpool Lime Street and Liverpool Central. Students travelling to Greenbank Student Village will then take a bus to the Halls, more information is available here.


Refreshments will be available in all Halls and if you are moving in to Melville and Tudor you are welcome to Vine Court restaurant to access catering there. Furthermore, for students moving into accommodation on campus there will be catering services on University Square and in the Guild. If you are moving in to Greenbank Student Village there will be catering on site and have a look here at what’s available nearby in the local area.

Key Collection

Once you have arrived you can collect your room key from reception. More information will be sent in advance of the specific location and times for each Hall, but in the meantime you can find the postcodes for all accommodation here.

Your Room

When you have your key you can begin moving your belongings to your room. All Room Number and Accommodation Agreement information will have already been sent to you via email in early September. You can see what your room number means here

Once you’re in your room make sure you complete the Room Inventory to confirm the condition of your room, this can be found on Liverpool Life in Requests. You should confirm that the items listed are present, and note any damage. Once you’re moved in and settled Halls Management will come round within the first term to do a Halls Inspection – you will be informed about this in advance via email.

So that's it, you're in!  Now the practical stuff is out of the way - click here for some more tips about making your moving process as smooth and nerve-free as possible!