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Meet your Wardens - Greenbank Student Village

By sophiebk 21 Aug 2019

Greenbank Student Village has two Wardens, one for Roscoe and Gladstone  and another for Derby and Rathbone. You can find out a bit more about your Warden below.

Dr Matt Murphy, Roscoe and Gladstone Warden

I have been a Warden  for seven years and in this role I have been responsible for helping many thousands of students make the transition to living away from home for the first time, and adapting to university study. The Warden is responsible for the welfare, wellbeing and discipline of the students in their Hall; and for maintaining an environment where we can all live happily together, study in peace when we need to, and occasionally get some sleep! 

My main role at the University is as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering where I teach Engineering Product Design, Materials Science and Manufacturing Technology. I have a PhD in the additive manufacture (3D printing)  of metals and I have been researching this field for 20 years, both in industry and at University. My experience as a  Warden and as a Senior Academic means I can provide you with advice and support on almost any issue that arises during your first year at University -  you should be comfortable emailing me at any time, and about anything. 

My advice for making the most of your first year at University is to meet as many people as you can; to throw yourself in to extra-curricular activities; to enjoy Liverpool’s excellent cultural and nightlife scene; and don’t forget to squeeze in some work too. You only get one first year – don’t waste it!

Your Welcome Talk will take place on Sunday 15th September at Greenbank Ampitheatre (the seating next to the lake) at 6.30pm.


Dr Ian Magedera, Derby, Rathbone and Derby Old Court Warden

Welcome to Greenbank!

I’m Dr Ian Magedera,  Warden for Derby, Rathbone, and Derby Old Court, that’s basically all of you living on the Penny Lane/Greenbank Road side of Greenbank Student Village. I am a genuine fan of the community aspect of halls life and have lived here with my family for many many years. In fact I pre-date most of the buildings! Well, all except Greenbank House in the middle that dates from 1788.

Living in an official University of Liverpool Hall of Residence is a unique opportunity to both live and work in the University. You get to meet a really wide range of new people and learn to live in a large community. I am part of a team who will help you make the most of your year here. The team includes the Halls Life team, reception, housekeeping, Campus Support (security), gardening and maintenance staff.  Extra special among them though are the Residential Advisers (RAs), they and I help you to make the most of the year and work through any issues you have while living here. We encourage you to take part in activities that enhance your stay (formals, balls and sports clubs) and discourage aspects which detract from the well-being of others, such as anti-social behaviour.

I trust that you’ll have a great year at Greenbank and look forward, as I do every year, to all of us building the halls community anew.

Your Welcome Talk will take place at Greenbank Ampitheatre (the seating next to the lake) at 7.15pm.


Ian (left) enjoys a ‘pot luck supper’ with the RA team (October ’18)

You can find out more about what's on at Greenbank over Welcome here.