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Leaving Halls

By sophiebk 19 May 2020

Following the recent change in government guidelines students living in halls are now permitted to check out of their accommodation as long as they are leaving to return to their permanent residence.

In order to keep this process safe for all involved and to ensure a safe social distance, students must follow the below instructions when planning their departure from university accommodation.

Prior to Departure

Email your halls reception team to inform them of the date you wish to depart. You can find all halls contact information here. Please note Melville Grove and Tudor Close should email Vine Court reception.
In your email, include the following information:

  • Your Name, Room Number & Student ID
  • Date of intended departure
  • Details of any person/ vehicle that may visit site to assist you with the move (please note you are only permitted one additional person)
  • Approx. time of departure

Await confirmation of return email from your halls reception who will provide you with an allocated departure time slot – please note this may not be the time you chose but will be as close to your departure time as possible this is to ensure we can adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

In order to limit the amount of time visitors on site, you will be allocated a 1 hour time slot. To ensure the safety of the staff and students, it is important to that you are packed up and ready to depart for your allocated time

 Departure Day

On your departure day ensure that you are packed and ready to depart for you allocated time

  • Load items into your departure vehicle in as few trips as possible
  • Only 1 person in a lift at one time.
  • Keep a safe distance when in shared areas i.e. kitchens/corridors/stairwells and entrance lobbies.
  • Trollies will be located near to your halls reception. Students leaving Melville Grove and Tudor Close will be able to collect a trolly from Vine court. Please ensure your trolly is cleaned before and after use - a cleaning station will be available for you.
  • Once your room is emptied and your belongings are loaded into your vehicle please drop off your key card and any keys to your halls drop box in reception. Melville Grove and Tudor Close please note this will be in Vine Court reception.
  • After you have dropped off your keys and key cards please email your hall reception a confirmation that you have departed from site.

Thank you for following this guidance and helping us to ensure students can move out of halls safely and comfortably. 

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