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Keep up to date with what's happening in halls

By eknowles 19 Jan 2018

You'll probably already know that we have Facebook pages and groups for each of the different halls at Liverpool University. These are a great way to start meeting people before you arrive and to start finding out some key information and updates about things specific to your hall.

You'll also be part of a much wider halls community though when you move into halls, either as part of Carnatic Student Village, Greenbank Student Village or as a member of the Campus Halls community.

Besides the things happening specifically at your hall, there will also be lots of activities and events planned for each site too and the best way to keep up to date about these is to make sure you're following updates from our Site specific Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Most halls information is posted to these over the year.

If you've not already found us, like Carnatic Halls, Greenbank Halls or On Campus Halls at the University of Liverpool on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @carnatichalls, @greenbankhalls or @livcampushalls.

Below are the links to our latest official Facebook groups