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Jenny's Blog: My fantastic first year in halls

By kroberts 08 Aug 2018

Having been there and done it, our blogger Jenny shares how halls was for her and what she missed when she left! 


I’ve made friends for life, not just Christmas. I know people always go on about that but trust me, the people you live with will end up being utter babes, be it making you a cuppa when you’re stressed at 1am (because they’re still up having a Netflix marathon) or simply being bored and having a chat until 2am. At least next year they’re all living down the road from me and my roomie. (I kid you not).

24/7 Sleepover

The best thing about halls is having your friends around you all the time so life can be like a continual sleepover without sleeping on the floor (although top and tailing is still an option). I remember one night in Freshers' Week chilling with 2 of my now best friends and talking; we were still up when everyone else had come back from clubbing and gone to bed. In our halls, we always ended up playing cards after dinner, and at 10ish when you’ve just started that essay and having a cuppa. We even invested in monopoly, we were cool kids.


We were catered, so we started going to dinner as a group pretty much from the word go – mainly because canteens are scary places and are all slightly different and queuing on your todd is uncomfortable. Anyway, it’s escalated into a routine of knocking on everyone’s doors, going to dinner and chatting, basically like a giant family eating dinner together. It’s the cheeky bants of Nandos but for free… (Well we pay for it but you get me).

The City

Even as a self-confessed country bumpkin, I’m really missing the city. Especially as we’ve recently moved from the ‘middle of everywhere‘ (which had transport links) to the ‘middle of nowhere’, (with no transport links. At all. I wish I was joking.) And hey, even though Carnatic was a 25-minute bus ride from the city, it was close. SO close. And if you needed something, no biggie, quick bus ride and boom, SHOPS. Enjoy it while you can kids, enjoy it for me. (I sound like your nan blimey… This is what too many fields do to you!)

Personal space

I’ll miss being able to lock my door, which sounds super antisocial but when out of the shower it feels a lot safer than when at home with no lock on the door. An added bonus of uni doors is also the super duper heavyweight which contributed to a daily shoving routine (the only bit of exercise I’ve got all year). I also liked my uni room, it was tucked out of the way from everyone else so people visited me every so often, (mainly because I’d visit them), but I could nap at any time. It was beautiful. I actually miss being able to have a few naps throughout the day, but I guess it’s not good for me (then again we get up at 8.30am on Sundays at home so we’re a weird family and I’m sleep deprived).

I guess the main thing I’ve learnt this year is it doesn’t matter where you are, your flatmates will be utterly sensational and you’re bound to see eye to eye. ;) Love y’all,


kroberts is My name is Kevin I am a member of your Halls Student Experience Team. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about the activities and experience we provide here at the University of Liverpool Halls.
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