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International students self-isolating on arrival

By sophiebk 14 Dec 2020

If you are travelling to the UK from a country not on the UK’s travel corridor list, you will need to self-isolate for 10 days. There could also be an opportunity to reduce this isolation period to 5 days by opting into the Government’s Test to Release scheme.

Free Test to Release COVID-19 tests for UoL students

In accordance with the Test to Release scheme, the University is offering all international students a free PCR (polymerise chain reaction) test five days after leaving your destination (not necessary if travelling from a country that is on the UK’s travel corridor list).  If the test is negative, you will then be able to stop self-isolating.

You must book a test in advance via our JBS Booking System.  Please note that your test results can only be sent to a UK mobile phone number. If you do not have one and would like to get tested please contact our COVID Guidance and Travel Plans Helpline.

Please note:

  • The Test to Release scheme is voluntary and applies to those self-isolating in England only.
  • You will still need to self-isolate for 10 days on arrival if you are travelling from a destination that is not on the travel corridor list and you do not want to opt-in to the Test to Release scheme. For more information, please visit the Government’s Test to release webpages.

Getting to Halls:
You must read current Government Guidance on safe travel advice and how to self-isolate once you arrive in the UK before you travel.

The University webpages have advice about arriving by air, road and rail here, which includes details of the University's Meet and Greet service that can assist in making taxi bookings from Manchester and Liverpool John Lennon airports to your accommodation.

If your original planned arrival date has changed please contact the Accommodation Office. 

Room Numbers:
For students entering self-isolation on arrival, you will be given your room number when you arrive at the Hall.

Bedding and kitchen packs:
You will be provided with both a kitchen and bedding pack on arrival so you don’t need to worry about ordering these things in advance to be sent to Halls. These are chargeable items and the cost will be added to your accommodation account. This cost will be a maximum of £45.

  • Your bedding pack will include: duvet and pillow, duvet cover, pillow slip, bed sheet, bath towel, tea towel.
  • Your kitchen will be fully equipped with items to allow you to cook for yourself, including pans, chopping board, kitchen knives and cooking utensils. You will also receive an individual kitchen pack with your own crockery and cutlery.

Food provision:

During your period of self-isolation you can choose to order your own food to be delivered to the Hall, or you can choose to have food provided by the Halls (this is a chargeable service at a rate of £7.50 per day).

If you choose to order your own food yourself, the International Advice and Guidance Team webpages provide lots of helpful information around planning ahead for your arrival which includes advice on how to order your own food.

If you would like to use the food service provided by the Halls, food will be delivered to your flat to provide you with items for breakfast, lunch and evening meal for each day of your self-isolation. This will consist of:

  • A pack containing breakfast items, as well as other food for preparing lunches
  • Pre-prepared evening meals for reheating

You do not need to sign up for the service for your whole self-isolation period; it is flexible to meet your needs. Whilst you will be provided with a pack with breakfast and lunch items to cover a full self-isolation period, you can choose how many pre-prepared evening meals you wish to order, and for which days. You will need to inform us in advance of which days you will require evening meals for.

If you wish to use this service, you will have received a separate email communication from us asking you to complete a survey indicating your requirements. This contains further details of the menu available, dates you need to confirm your order by to ensure we can cater for you, as well as the cancellation period and process for withdrawing from the service once you sign up.

If you will not be using this service and do not require food to be provided for your quarantine period, please inform your Hall Reception on arrival.

Deliveries and mail:

You will not be able to visit the Hall Reception to collect mail or deliveries during your period of self-isolation. During this time we ask that you limit all deliveries to essential items only such as food or medicines. The Hall team will then arrange to get essential food deliveries to you in your flat.

Washing clothes:

As you will be unable to access the Hall laundrette until your period of self-isolation is over, please consider this when packing clothes to bring with you. The Halls team will provide you with a small amount of laundry liquid that can be used to hand-wash some items in your flat if needed, but you should plan to have clothes to cover you for the full period of your self-isolation if at all possible.


Cleaning will not be provided if you enter a period of self-isolation as a result of developing symptoms of COVID-19, or being asked to self-isolate after being in contact with someone displaying symptoms/who has tested positive. In this instance the Halls team will provide you with a cleaning pack and advice on appropriate cleaning of your kitchen during this time.

Visitors, households, and socialising in Halls:

Visitors are not permitted in Halls. This applies not only when you are in your period of self-isolation , but also when you finish self-isolation . 

Further guidance for living in Halls once you finish self-isolation :

Everyone moving into Halls must complete our online induction called ‘Introduction to the University of Liverpool’. If you have not already received one, you will shortly be sent an email from requesting that you complete your online induction to the Halls.

We would also recommend all Halls residents join the Facebook Group for their hall to keep up to date. You can find the groups here.

Click here for Covid 19 Guidance in Halls once you have completed self-isolation or tested negative.

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