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Looking for a house or housemates?

By sophiebk 20 Dec 2018

Looking to fill a spare room or find others to live with for the year ahead? We have the perfect opportunities to make sure you find the right accommodation for you. Anyone can attend any of the below events where there will be representatives from the university and Liverpool Student Homes.

Monday 28th January

Find a Housemate event at Liverpool Student Homes, 12 – 2pm. All undergraduate/postgraduate students welcome, find out more here.

Tuesday 29th January

Evening Housemate Mixers at Greenbank Halls and Carnatic Halls to help you find the right accommodation for next year - more information here. 

Wednesday 30th January

Housing Far at LJMU for all students in Liverpool. Liverpool Student Homes will be providing around 30 registered landlords/letting agents to share details of individual rooms and properties of all types and sizes. More information here.

Please note - There is a large supply of student accommodation in Liverpool so DO NOT RUSH. There will still be plenty of rooms now, and for the rest of the year, so you can start house hunting when you are ready to!