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Help! I'm locked out! Campus Halls

By eknowles 21 Jun 2017

Help! I’ve locked myself out of my room!

Lockouts happen and we know they can often happen at some awkward times (in your dressing gown on your way back from the kitchen anyone?!).

If you find yourself locked out of your room, head down to Reception with your student ID card and we can let you back in. This will count  as a ‘lock out’.

What are ‘lock outs’?

Each time you require access to your room your details are recorded and this counts as a ‘lock out’. We know these things happen, so for the first two times you record a ‘lock out’ there won’t be a charge. A third lockout will automatically trigger a £5 fine though, and every time after this is another £5 (it starts to get expensive!). Get to six ‘lock outs’ and you will be asked to meet Hall Management and further action may be taken.

I can’t find my card – I’ve lost it!

If you lose your key card you will need to pay for a replacement. The current charge is £10 for a card and £10 for a post box key.  In this instance you will not have a ‘lock out’ counted against you.

Check out the full Lockout Procedure for the Campus Halls here.