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Halls Paintball Trip - Sold Out

By HallsLife 15 Dec 2017

Are you ready to show off your sniper skills? Well, through the Spend It scheme, you can now sign up to a Paintball trip with your hall mates!

On February 3rd 2018, there will be a hall’s trip to Delta Force Paintball Liverpool – so you can come along and claim bragging rights over your hall mates by painting them black and blue!

The tickets for this trip are just £9, and to get them you’ll need to contact your RA. They will then contact Jamie - the RA running this trip – to get your tickets purchased.

We hope you all have a fabulous time, and we cannot wait to see the pictures!

Part of this event is Spend It funded. Want to find out more about what Halls' Spend It is and how to get your idea for an activity, event or project for the Halls funded? See this story for more details.