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Life in Halls

By sophiebk 04 Jun 2020

Please note due to the Coronavirus Pandemic all some of these opportunities may be altered for the beginning of 2020/21 - we will be sharing more information in due course.

In a typical year much of what goes on in Halls is managed by the Halls Life team. See below for the variety of events and opportunities available all year round.

Halls Give it a Go

The Halls Give it a Go programme (GIAG) is run by the Guild of Students and the Halls Life Team and gives you the chance to try loads of new things. Most of the activities are either free or heavily discounted (up to 75% off). GIAG gives you a chance to try something new, without paying the high price tag! Previous events have included: Paintballing, Indoor rock climbing, Makeup Masterclasses; Free sports classes; and skills sessions like cookery classes and CV workshops. Halls GIAG trips and events will be advertised on our Halls Facebook pages, so make sure you keep an eye out!

Halls Student Committees

We work with the Guild to ensure each Hall has a Halls’ Student Committee (HSC) that anyone can be a part of. Residents work together to make sure that everyone has the best time whilst living in Halls by attending meetings and making sure students opinions are heard. HSCs have a budget to promote a feeling of community by running events and trips or purchasing items students decide they need. Some example events previous HSCs have organised are  Chinese New Year celebrations, Movie Nights and Charity events (e.g. Children in Need and Comic Relief fundraising. You can find out more about joining the HSC here.

Green Guild

 The Green Guild provide opportunities for students, staff and the wider community to think green & become more sustainable and here in halls we provide students with the chance to get involved with the Green Guild directly by becoming a Green Champion. Students are also given the chance to help with Student Switch Off competitions and events in halls. More information will be shared on our Social Media pages.

Watch the video below to find out more about Life in Halls.

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