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Get active at Greenbank

By hughero 21 Oct 2020

Need that push to help you get active?

Take part in the Derby and Rathbone get active challenge! Track your running and cycling with free app Strava and join the D&R club. At the end of every month, the student with the most distance travelled will win! 

All you need to do:

1) Download the FREE app STRAVA!

2) Join our club by following!

3) Head out cycling and running with your smartphone or watch, and track your activities straight to the club (they will appear in the club feed)!

4) The student with the most distance travelled running/cycling each month (4km cycled=1km ran), will receive a £20 Amazon/Tesco voucher of their choice!

For further information, please contact

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When taking part it is important you remain safe while doing so. Check out our top tips for staying safe while keeping active:

  • Wear the correct footwear, trainers are ideal!
  • Don't wear jewellery, this can get tangled while running/cycling.
  • Don't go out in poor weather conditions, wait until the weather clears up or get active indoors. 
  • Stick to routes you know - always take a walk around your chosen route before you start to ensure you know where to go.
  • Try and run with a friend from the same household, if you prefer to run alone you should always take a phone in case of emergencies.
  • If running/cycling in the dark, always wear reflective clothing so that you are visible.
  • Be careful of traffic, if you are forced to run in the road you should stay to the right, facing traffic.
  • And finally - don't push yourself too far! 

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