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Finding Housemates

By sophiebk 29 May 2020

At the end of the academic year it may be that you're not sure who you want to live with next year, and that's totally fine! Be reassured that every year we have large numbers of students who don't have an immediate group that they want to move in with, and so we provide opportunities for you to meet others and see if there's a fit that works for you. See below more information about the support available.

Halls Life Team

When we return after the Winter break, the Halls Life team will provide plenty of opportunities for students to come together and meet others looking for housemates. These will be advertised on all of the Halls Facebook Groups and Instagram, as well as in the weekly email all students receive every Friday. You are also welcome to post on the Halls Facebook groups to see if anyone else is looking for housemates.

Liverpool Student Homes

LSH is a University-funded service for students in private accommodation, providing free housing advice to all students. LSH will also organise Housemate mixers and, again, we will advertise these on all of the channels listed above. You can find out more about the services they offer by visiting the LSH website here.

Stay in Halls

If you want to stay in halls you have two options, the first is to apply for a room in Dover Court where second and third years live. You can find out more about Dover Court here. You can also apply to become a Residential Adviser. Residential Advisers (RA) live amongst students in all 7 of our Halls of Residences. The RAs role is to provide support, guidance and out of hours contact for our residents, as well as help to run our exciting social programme. For providing this service RAs receive reduced accommodation, details of which you can find here. Click here to learn more about becoming an RA

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