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Exploring Liverpool - Bold Street

By HallsLife 16 Jan 2019

Bold Street runs right through the centre of town and is bursting with independent cafés, restaurants, vintage boutiques and clothing shops. In fact, trying to prioritise where to visit first may be your biggest challenge! You can also click the name of each place to find out more.

Church of St. Luke

More commonly known as the “Bombed Out Church” amongst the locals and students in Liverpool, St. Luke’s church was majorly damaged in the May Blitz of 1941 and now hosts events such as Tai Chi classes, private parties and club events.


Currently situated in just 5 cities, COW is an up and coming retail chain that focuses on selling the best quality, fashionable vintage items. With a keen eye on upcoming runway trends and a careful curation of global vintage providers, COW is a sure choice for anyone wanting to inject a little more style into their daily wardrobe.


With a strong sense of identity and a love for its own quirks, Resurrection is a good choice for the fashion forward student with a keen eye for vintage items. Resurrection also contains a small coffee shop on its second floor – with the kindest staff who are always willing to discuss your common interest in vintage items.

Pop Boutique

The third main vintage store on Bold Street, Pop Boutique is an extremely well established chain. Pop Boutique is a powerhouse of antique clothing, with hand-picked items from the 60s through to the 90s!


With an interest in sport influenced designer brands, Size compliments the overall feel of Bold Street by providing an alternate style. Size is popular amongst students for its range in footwear in particular!


On Bold Street, there are two branches of the Liverpool-based independent store Utility. One of the stores is a gift shop, while the other focuses on homeware – but both have a fantastic eye for quirk and humour!

Rennie’s Arts and Crafts

An independent, family-owned store, the humble atmosphere of this shop is a gaze into its past and you can feel its history in the walls. It also sells art resources so that younger, budding artists can continue to grace Liverpool with their artistry for years to come.

American Pizza Slice - £

With a wide range of topping options and prices fit for students, American Pizza Slice never fails to bring the flavour of New York to the cobbles of Bold Street.

KO Grill - ££

KO Grill pride themselves on producing the highest quality Indian and Pakistani flavours with authenticity. With all meats sourced locally, marinated for up to 24 hours and cooked using a tandoori oven, the succulent and spicy flavours are sure to entice you.

Maray - ££

Inspired by Parisian dining, Maray is a small restaurant which focuses on shared meals – creating a cutesy, intimate atmosphere. The menu is made up of eclectic small dishes, which you can communally order in combos to try varied tastes from around the world.

Nolita Cantina - ££

A small, independent restaurant with a focus on American style food at its core, Nolita Cantina is a must try dining experience. The restaurant’s décor reflects the rustic feel of its menu, which is full with choice of hearty burgers, lighter sandwiches and a fantastic range of sides.

Mowgli - ££

When the founder of Mowgli Street Food embarked on her journey to open her own independent restaurant chain, her focus was rooted in accurately portraying the exquisite tastes of Indian home cooking. Mowgli is a sure choice to pack a zingy punch of spice and herb based flavours that are hard to resist!

Bakchich - ££

Bakchich is a Lebanese diner that promises and delivers authentic and delicious street food. With the realistic Lebanese décor inside, and the high wooden benches, you can almost feel yourself being whisked away to Lebanon. This spot has become particularly popular for students wanting to “wow” visitors to the city.

Leaf on Bold Street - ££

Leaf is an exposed brick café with a lively, energetic atmosphere. With a huge variety in specialist tea flavours, Leaf has raw potential to become your flat’s very own Central Perk. And with two floors with huge windows overlooking Bold Street, you’re always able to grab yourself a seat inside and people watch to your heart’s content.

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