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Eat, sleep, revise, repeat...

By BzAimee 12 Jan 2018

Exams may be boring, they may fill you with dread... but the fact is, you're at uni and they have to be done.

Take the stress out of the whole process by following our tips on being prepared.

  • Start early
    Whilst it's always handy to refresh your knowledge right before the exam, you'll want to feel prepared well in advance of the big day!
  • Take breaks
    Studying in one long session isn't productive. Aim to work for between 60-90 minutes, then break for 30. It'll help you remember more of what you're studying, and will give your brain a rest while you do your own thing - making it seem less of a chore!
  • Healthy revision
    Make sure you're drinking plenty of water, eating well, and getting plenty of sleep. If you start to feel stressed, draw up a plan so that you can be confident you'll be covering everything you need to.
  • Incentivise your studies
    Think of things you want to do - go to the cinema? Go out? Then set goals in your studies and use these as the rewards. It will make the work seem worth it. Just make sure there's a balance between work and pleasure so you keep on track with your targets.
  • Find the environment that works for you
    If you work better alone, then it makes sense to do this. Don't be persuaded to work with friends. That might be the way they learn best, but it will detriment your study if you're the opposite. Vice versa - if you're better with friends around, round 'em up!
  • A helping hand
    You might not work best in groups, but if you have any free time, discussion with course-mates can test what you really know - and check you've gone over everything!
  • There really is an app for that!
    If you're easily distracted, download this for your Mac, or this for your PC. They'll block you from going onto distracting websites like Facebook for the set duration of your studying!