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Don't Rush to Rent

By sophiebk 15 Oct 2019

So you’ve settled into uni life and the first semester is well under way. Around this time you may hear people start to discuss accommodation for next year and how you should start to look early to get the best properties, as the good ones go before Christmas ... This is a huge myth!

There is a surplus of private student accommodation in Liverpool, so you can leave looking for a property until later in the academic year and take your time to find the right property. 

Think carefully before you sign a tenancy agreement too early:

  • You don’t know your friends that well at the start of the year. After a few months, you may decide that you don’t want to live with them
  •  You can’t easily walk away from the contract if you change your mind, as the document is legally binding. This means you legally have to pay the rent for the length of time stated on the contract. 
  •  Properties are added to the LSH database all year round so there is always a good choice available

Need help?

At the beginning of November there will be Housing Talks in Halls. These will be delivered by our dedicated private accommodation service called Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) and will cover all the basics of looking for and getting your perfect student home, whether you already know who you want to live with or are looking to meet some flatmates. The talks will be on:

Tuesday 12 November - All Campus students

Vine Court Mezzanine. There will be two talks: 7 – 8pm and 8 – 9pm

 Thursday 14 November - Greenbank Students

Greenbank Meeting Room 3. There will be two talks: 6.30 and 7.30pm 

Monday 18 November - Housemate Mixer

Come along to meet others who are looking for who to live with next year - one mixer will be in Crown Place Meeting Room 1 and the other will be in Greenbank Meeting Room 3, both will start at 7pm and food will be provided!

No need to book. Just come along to find out more and have all your questions answered.

LSH is based at 5 Oxford Street (on campus) and the service is there to support you throughout the time you’re renting private student accommodation in Liverpool and it’s your next stop when looking for accommodation after Halls. As well as providing free housing rights advice, they have a large database of accredited student properties. This means that to advertise properties on the LSH website, accommodation providers must commit to meeting the strict requirements of the accreditation scheme – the LSH Standards.

Find out more about LSH